Plasma Zone


Plasma Zone is an abstract game where you must move fast to avoid the bright plasma flux and absorb dark flux. It was based around Japanese “bullet curtain” games where the player must dodge increasingly complex patterns of bullets to survive.

Created by John, December 2007 for Ludum Dare 10.



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Each wave lasts only ten seconds – survive for that long and you’ll progress to the next one with your energy fully recharged. Shoot, dodge and see how many waves you can get through.

Plasma Zone was John’s second entry into the Ludum Dare 48 hour game programming competition (the first has been lost forever, but it wasn’t much fun anyway). The theme was ‘randomness’, and so each wave is generated randomly but on a gradually increasing difficulty scale. However he didn’t get much time to balance the difficulty so it’s very hard!

Use the arrow keys to move around, being on bright plasma lines will sap your energy, so avoid them at all costs. While on the surface you’ll shoot automatically, and shooting the other matter particles will create regions of dark flux. Position yourself on these to regain energy.

If things get too much then you can jump with the space bar – while in the air you won’t loose or gain health, but be careful to watch your landing.