Rescue Squad 2


Based on the original Rescue Squad, Rescue Squad 2 adds lots of new features and levels.



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New Helicopters

Three different helicopters to control, each with different handling and abilities:

The Sea King, returns from the first game, a good all rounder with excellent handling and a sizable cargo bay.
The Bubble Helicopter is a small, fast scout helicopter designed for rapid response and carrying a scanner to look for submerged objects.
The Chinook is a heavy duty dual-bladed helicopter. Slower than the others but with a large fuel tank and a huge carrying capacity for the biggest of jobs.

New Environments

A range of maps and coastline to explore and fly over as you are sent on a variety of search and rescue missions

Varying environmental conditions create extra challenges as you navigate in wind, rain and fog. Night time missions require sharp eyes and good use of your searchlight and flares.

More Visuals

There’s also a whole heap of new graphical enhancements, like more detailed helicopters and water ripples.