Risqué Business


Risqué Business – It’s not implicit… it’s explicit!
The venue is rammed, the audience members are quivering in anticipation, the stage is erected, your costume is fabulous. So stiffen up and step out!

Keep the crowd pumped and don’t climax too soon.

Created in 12 hours, by John, Katie, Ben, Louise and Dexter for HTC Vive and Develop:Conference 2017 Game Jam.



Risqué Business is probably the first ever VR stripping game!
The aim of the game is to get as much money for your performance as possible. Get money by dancing to the beat, stripping off on the beat, and throwing your clothes to a client!
Randomly generated clothes every time you play!
And entertain a real audience for more fun.

It’s safe for work, unless you decide to start stripping in real life of course.