Summer Sandpit


Summer Sandpit takes you back to being a child – all the freedom to play and mess around, but with the limitation of only being allowed in your sandpit.


Created in two days, by Katie & John, for HTC Vive and January 2016 Global Game Jam.



Summer Sandpit aims as both to be a reflection on childhood, a spin on a ‘sandbox’ game, and an experiment to see if you can ever truly feel like a child again. We see this more as an art piece statement, than a game. Please feel free to see how you feel while ‘playing’.


Play with simple toys, draw with chalk, crawl through small spaces, and throw your toys ‘out the pram’.


980 GT suggested card


Personal Notes

Can you ever feel young again?
Even scaling up objects to three times the size, and placing all these toys – you can feel young, but I didn’t feel small. I believe this is because I know my body proportions, I don’t struggle with getting around like a toddler does. It feels like a giant world – rather than I’m smaller. I also feel myself trying to hard to create really nice looking art pieces on the blackboard.


I spent a surprisingly long time stacking the rings however – which makes it appear to me that VR does make you feel young at heart, that you want to rediscover playing and interacting with the world as you did while you were a child. This is something we’ve discovered while creating other projects – but it’s good to see it in such a distilled example.