The Hatton Garden Heist


Sneak into the facility to steal the jewels, climbing through ventilation shafts and dodging lasers, in The Hatton Garden Heist.

Using the high accuracy room tracking of the Vive, and a smart room loading system, physically maneuver yourself through while having to use your tools to get you through safely.

The Hatton Garden Heist is a Vive VR game, was made 24 hours by Triangular Pixels, at the London’s Bossa Vive VR Jam.




  • – Real physical gameplay
  • – Climb over, around, under, dodge lasers
  • – Crawl through shafts
  • – Use your torch to light the way




The Hatton Garden Heist game has since been featured on BBC Click!


Read about the design and develop of the Jam version of the game