Rebirth is a resource system for games, written in Java. You can write custom resource types to quickly make your game data-driven with a minimum amount of parsing and boilerplate code. File system monitoring means that you can make changes to your game’s data files while your game is running and have the changes reflected instantly with no additional work.


  • Compact and flexible definition of resource types and conversion from xml
  • Minimal, human readable xml syntax.
  • Auto resources for automatic conversion to Java objects
  • Hooks for custom xml parsing, or loading of binary files
  • Main thread hooks for context-sensitive APIs (like OpenGL or OpenAL)
  • File system monitoring transparently reloads resources on the fly
  • Pluggable decoders for conversion of custom or 3rd party types
  • Priority system for multiple decoder styles
  • Auto array decoding from single type decoders
  • Instance decoders for context injection

Current Version

Downloadable Javadoc
Browsable Javadoc
Test results


Quick start guide – Initialisation, update, shutdown & your first resource.
More quick start – Including resources, parent resources & background loading.


Coming soon.