Analog is a freeform map editor for 2d games. Unlike most map editors it’s not based around tiles but free placement of a variety of shapes and geometry. You don’t have to be locked to a grid when creating your art or your levels, so you’re able to make much more interesting, organic maps without that ugly blocky feel.


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Example Project


Analog Version 0.5


  • Geometry – Use points, rectangles and polygons to make up your level
  • Elements – Create and define your own “elements” based on your game’s needs
  • Properties – Provide custom properties for elements to define their role in your game
  • Instances – Override element properties for individual map objects to tweak their behaviour
  • Layers – create as many layers as you want for each map, with their own name and grid settings
  • Zoom – Zoom out to see your whole map or zoom in to work on the important detail
  • Projects – Manage your maps in a single project so it’s quick and easy to make changes
  • Export – Write your own export scripts so you can quickly export maps to your own custom map format
  • Flexible UI – Rearrange and customise the editor so it suits your workflow

For a complete description of features and a quick start guide see the built-in help.


Games made using Analog:
Rescue Squad 2


Analog is built using:
Eclipse Rich Client Platform

Bugs, Requests and Feedback?

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