Triangular Pixels 2016 Roundup

Hi everyone! It’s time for a round up of the year.

This year has been the ‘big launch of VR’ which everyone has been waiting for. It was a big year for us too, with a game launch and awards.


We started the year heading to GDC. We were very fortunate and grateful that Valve helped us show our GameCity project, Unseen Diplomacy, on their stand. Just a week beforehand Road to VR picked up on how different the game was – so it was well timed.


While we were there we talked with a few guys about Unseen Diplomacy’s future as it was never designed to be a consumer title. They helped convince us to release it – and so we did, for the launch of the Vive.


It was a big hit! We got featured with a lot of press, on a good number of top games lists, great number of sales, amazing player reviews… all totally unexpected for our small event game. We’ve managed to show it at various events since, including getting into EGX, which has only lead onto more love for the game.


The success has meant we’ve become a bit more known in the community. Beforehand, a lot of developers knew of us by the talks we did, but now we’re getting so many invites to talk all over the world, that we have to turn down some just because we need the time to spend on developing our games!


We’ve also been up for a lot of different awards. From being finalists in Best VR Game with Unity and Debut Game in TIGA Awards, to winning Venus Business Women Awards for Women in STEMM and the Develop Awards for New Studio.


We’ve just managed to push out a small update to Unseen Diplomacy that we’ve been developing after hours on.


Meanwhile we’ve been silently working on Smash Hit Plunder pretty much flat out. We’ve a couple of freelance developers helping us part time too, so it’s really coming together into the proper VR game we’ve always intended it to be. We can’t really say too much about it right now, but we’re hoping to release it in 2017 so keep an eye out for more announcements in the future!


A lot has come from creating that short GameCity experience, and we only hope that we continue to delight fans in 2017.