Unseen Diplomacy released as an exhibit and on Steam

Play at home or at the National Videogame Arcade

NOTTINGHAM, March, 24th, 2016

Ever wanted to be somewhere else?


Virtual Reality is the hot topic of 2016, and Triangular Pixels’ Unseen Diplomacy brings it right to your doorstep – or into your own home. In an unprecedented move due to increasing popularity, Unseen Diplomacy is to be released as a Steam VR exclusive on the launch of the HTC Vive on 5th April 2016. VR is coming to you!


Not only that, but Triangular Pixels have launched Unseen Diplomacy as a playable exhibition at the National Videogame Arcade in Nottingham, UK, bringing VR to the public and making it easily accessible for the first time.


Unseen Diplomacy casts you as an elite member of The British Espionage Tactical Initiative, defeating the plans of evil-doers around the world. With a real-life obstacle course created by the Vive’s incredible virtual reality environment, you will run and roll, sneak and solve your way through volcano lairs and moon bases.


The game is an interactive experience designed to be shown at exhibitions and events. Unseen Diplomacy was shown at GameCity Festival in October 2015, using the space available to use of every inch of the Vive tracking area. It creates true interactivity and ingenious methods of making space appear much bigger than it actually is, while still feeling realistic.


The National Videogame Arcade, a leading cultural centre and the ‘home’ of videogames, proudly hosts Unseen Diplomacy in its Gallery of Inputs as part of its first birthday celebrations in Easter 2016. The use of the gallery space lets players have easy, safe and support access to Virtual Reality.


But, should you be lucky enough to have a VR-shaped gap in your life, and the correct gear, you can bring Unseen Diplomacy right into your home thanks to Steam! Enjoy the first steps in cutting-edge virtual experience and watch gaming transform forever.


Unseen Diplomacy is available to download via Steam for £1.99. Download it from 5th April 2016 to show the full capabilities of Steam VR.



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