Smash Hit Plunder PSVR ‘first play’ at Exclusive PlayStation Event

In late March we were very pleased to be invited to a Sony exclusive press event featuring PSVR. We showed our game, Smash Hit Plunder, to national and international press, letting them having a chance to play through both single and multiplayer. Being able to do this demo meant that everyone could get a feel for the game’s unique medieval style and tactile environment, and a lot of fun was had!

Playing Smash Hit Plunder

We kept a special high score system for everyone who played the two game modes that were available – something for the players to be proud of!!

Smash Hit Plunder Highscore Board

Of course it wouldn’t be Smash Hit Plunder without local co-op multiplayer so there was a lot of battling going on:

Multiplayer Smash Hit Plunder

Get that loot before the other player does!


As an extra bonus for us as developers the event let us playtest our build and we certainly learned a lot from the expertise and feedback we received, which has meant we’ve added brand new (top secret!) features to make the game even more immersive. We’re keen to ensure that even the newest of VR players can get into Smash Hit Plunder so as the final development days come to an end we’re working furiously to ensure that the tutorial runs smoothly for everyone.


We got some wonderful press from the event – thank you all!
Possibly our biggest highlight of the day was Triangular Pixels’ Smash Hit Plunder – GameReactor


A very cute game …. The second player here gets to play along in a stunning isometric view of the proceedings that is, arguably, as gorgeous as the game from within the headset – Press Start


Taking a more novel approach, Smash Hit Plunder might just be the pick of the bunch that Sony showcased; it’s another lo-fi adventure, but one that’s brought alive by its imagination and execution. Here, you in habit and explore small dungeons, searching the scenery for loot and gold. What makes it special is its art-style, with pixellated textures knowingly bringing to mind PC adventures of a certain vintage. There’s something truly magical in finding yourself transported within a world that looks like it’s come straight off a 486 Compaq, poking through shelves and juggling the various pieces of the brilliantly physical world. This isn’t the most high profile game on the horizon for PlayStation VR, but it stands a very good chance of being one of the very best. – Eurogamer


And finally thanks to Sony for having us and looking after us, and a big hello to everyone we met!