Smash Hit Plunder: Smash together!

Smash Hit Plunder is out in the EU this Friday! You can play the game single player – but you can also play together with friends and family with local co-op and vs. multiplayer gameplay using the TV screen. Today’s post is all about our different game modes. Let’s #SmashTogether !


Smash Hit Plunder PSVR ‘first play’ at Exclusive PlayStation Event

In late March we were very pleased to be invited to a Sony exclusive press event featuring PSVR. We showed our game, Smash Hit Plunder, to national and international press, letting them having a chance to play through both single and multiplayer. Being able to do this demo meant that everyone could get a feel for the game’s unique medieval style and tactile environment, and a lot of fun was had!

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Best Game Developer Award for us at the Cornwall Edge Awards!

Best Game Developer Award for Triangular Pixels at the Cornwall Edge Awards!


1st December 2017, Bude, Cornwall


Thanks to hosts Cornwall Live, last night we were absolutely delighted to be awarded with ‘Best Game Developer’ at the Cornwall Edge Awards. We’re based in Bude in Cornwall, are proud to be fully independent, and are therefore very grateful to have been recognised for our recent successes.DP57v2rX0AAWMnU

We’ve been deeply involved in the Cornwall technological scene, including showing at events, hosting work experience students, and working with Cornwall College to produce a trailer for our forthcoming game Smash Hit Plunder. We used this trailer as part of Sony’s Paris Games Week launch announcement and are now looking forward to releasing the game in 2018.


We’d like especially to thank Cultivator Cornwall for their business and financial support, and Sony, Valve and HTC for providing the means necessary to create cutting-edge virtual reality games. Special thanks are also due to Transform Cornwall for vital business mentoring, keeping us fully independent and able to continue to working on transformative, fun and engaging new games.



Triangular Pixels visit Confetti!

Last week we had the pleasure of attending Confetti’s 2017 ‘Industry Week’. Confetti is an Institute of Creative Technologies, and Triangular Pixels went along to showcase Unseen Diplomacy. The industry week is all about bringing real-life experience and technologies to Confetti’s students, and our live VR game certainly helped that!


The green screen, although not necessary for the game to run, added to the atmosphere and looked very cool.

The green screen, although not necessary for the game to run,

added to the atmosphere and looked very cool.

Unseen Diplomacy is a social game designed to make the most of space and audience interaction. Confetti was a perfect place to do this because their students are becoming specialists in the creative industries and we were glad to talk to them about our VR work.


The two days were very busy – we estimate Unseen Diplomacy had about 1 player every 5 minutes for 7 hours, and the queue was always full. Unseen Diplomacy encourages different interactions with the game and how the player gets through the space, and we were impressed with the new techniques people tried (like throwing keycards to flip switches!).  


Everyone had fun watching, too, with friends encouraging each other.

 We also had some excellent player reactions!

We also had some excellent player reactions!

We had groups coming into discuss the game and how it’s different to other games. We talked about how its development story and about what it means to work in VR – hopefully inspiring further innovation.


If you want to bring Unseen Diplomacy to your event or exhibition, get in touch!

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Unseen Diplomacy nominated for a BAFTA award!

Thursday, 9th March 2017

Exceptional news for the Cornish Games Industry – Triangular Pixels, VR games studio from Bude, has had their game “Unseen Diplomacy ” nominated for this years BAFTA Award for Games Innovation.


Triangular Pixels announces Unseen Diplomacy VR GameCity Exclusive!

Play the first ever game to combine both Valve’s HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift VR systems in one intense collaborative challenge!
GameCity is VERY excited to announce a unique, special event created by Triangular Pixels! Playable only at GameCity Festival, Nottingham, 24th – 31st October.


Planting new ideas – The Clover Project

On the 12th and 13th of May there was a special meetup of scientists and game developers thanks to The Wellcome Trust and GameCity. Katie from Triangular Pixels was one of the lucky few to be invited, to help sow the seeds of something new.

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SouthWest VR Conference 2015 – A Talk in VR Design

25th February was the first ever SouthWest VR conference down in Bristol. We took along Smash Hit Plunder and our Gear VR’s down with two new comfort modes, new book UI, and a new game mode.

I also did a talk “Allow them to believe:Lessons learnt creating dynamic VR gameplay”, which I’ll attempt to go through now!


Developer Talk and Smash Hit Plunder at Bossa’s September VR Meetup

On Tuesday 2nd September we went to Bossa’s VR Meetup . Had a great time meeting some new people as they played Smash Hit Plunder. Scores were a lot higher this time around guessing as everyone was VR pro’s. What we did find was that everyone just loves the concept of the game, and that it was inherently fun! Thanks everyone.


Smash Hit Plunder at VR in a Bar

On Monday 28th July we showed off a much improved build of Smash Hit Plunder. It went down so incredibly well!

Gamesbeacon has a write up and gameplay footage.

Y Lle for S4C Welsh TV were there filming, and had a right laugh with our game. Nick nicely saying that our game was the best there, thanks! I’m sure Radial G will be awesome too.