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Unseen Diplomacy nominated for a BAFTA award!

Thursday, 9th March 2017

Exceptional news for the Cornish Games Industry – Triangular Pixels, VR games studio from Bude, has had their game “Unseen Diplomacy ” nominated for this years BAFTA Award for Games Innovation.


Unseen Diplomacy is a Virtual Reality spy game, where you have to infiltrate a facility to save the world. Players end up crawling through vents, rolling under lasers, and hacking away at computers – but actually have to physically move and do those actions!


The game was the first VR experience to make use of full room space and player movement. It was released on Steam on 5 April, 2016 and is also on rotation at the National Videogame Arcade and VR arcades all around the world, meaning that it gets more audience reach than most VR games.



Perhaps the most strikingly innovative aspect of Unseen Diplomacy is in its geometric design, which makes the BAFTA nomination category for ‘game innovation’ a perfect fit. In order to make the best use of the space of the room available Triangular Pixels developed a new concept called ‘environmental redirection’. An issue with a lot of VR games is that they require players to perform fake actions to be able to navigate, and it’s this that causes motion sickness. With this design players move themselves as they would in real life by walking, running, crawling around. This way they stay immersed in the experience, don’t suffer nausea and even non-gamers know how to play, as they just act the way they do in real life without any complex gamepad controls.




Being made by only John and Katie, the game is up against some very well known games from some much larger game studios – Batman: Arkham VR, Firewatch, Pokémon GO, That Dragon Cancer, and The Witness.

It’s incredible to be nominated for a BAFTA! We never would even dream that our little studio would be close to reaching the same heights of some of our heroes, especially with our first game.”

Katie Goode – Creative Director

Triangular Pixels will be walking the Red Carpet at the BAFTA Game Awards at the Tobacco Dock, London on Thursday 6 April 2017.

Triangular Pixels are looking for sponsorship to head to the BAFTA Game awards, and are also looking for funding for Unseen Diplomacy – get in touch if you are interested.




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Unseen Diplomacy is available to download via Steam for £1.99.