Smash Hit Plunder at VR in a Bar

On Monday 28th July we showed off a much improved build of Smash Hit Plunder. It went down so incredibly well!

Gamesbeacon has a write up and gameplay footage.

Y Lle for S4C Welsh TV were there filming, and had a right laugh with our game. Nick nicely saying that our game was the best there, thanks! I’m sure Radial G will be awesome too.

What was new for this build;

  • Walking line was changed from a green line, to little pulsing feet so to remind the player that their movement is linked to this line
  • Hands! Left hand automatically grabbing loot and right hand showing what the player is grabbing hold of
  • Watch Timer – just look down to check the time left, rather than having to look up on a wall
  • Fixed bookcases, so it’s now a lot easier to remove books and make more mess
  • New pretties, such as pixelated particles for items smashing and flames, fog, smoke
  • Lots of invisible fixes! For example, there were a fair few collision problems due to Unity automatically giving scale to newly imported items

What we learnt;

  • Fortunately still no one strangled, though taller people are a struggle for me
  • Mouse still isn’t the best input, people assume it’s a motion controller – but the simple control scheme and approachable gameplay & graphics are really helping a lot of newbie players try out and enjoy the game
  • An awesome bug where if you double click on the start game button, it loads the level twice… breaks the frame rate, but can function.. even with double the props
  • The Watch Timer on the hand the player doesn’t control means that it disappears often when the player is trying to view it, will suit the right hand more

Whats coming soon;

  • A gameplay trailer!
  • Touched up artwork!
  • Finally getting this website updated! (Just waiting to fill out content on the new one)
  • Dungeon & different modes design – it’s exciting!