Smash Hit Plunder revealed at LadyCADE

Friday 18th July was a big day for us. We crunched for 3 weeks to get from a paper design to a functional prototype that can give a snapshot of what Smash Hit Plunder will eventually be.

Our VR “tear-it-up” was revealed to the general public at LadyCADE, Loading Bar, London. We had a lot of keen players, both new to VR and otherwise, who kindly gave plenty of feedback which we will be moving forward with. Otherwise, people loved it!

We will be hoping to attend VR in a Bar on 28th July 2014, and Bossa’s VR Meetup 2nd Sepetember.

The page has been updated with some new screenshots and photos from the night!

Otherwise, an amusing quote from the night;

“It’s like Super Minecraft!”

See the games page here!